How to calculate your bulking macros

  Before we work out your macros we need to work out your calorie goal. Without enough calories, your body simply lacks the building blocks it needs to build muscle. However eat too many, and you’ll also gain a load of unnecessary fat.     Calories   Warning this page contains some maths! If you’re not[…]

James shares his keys to success from his 9 week Photoshoot Prep

James took his physique from good to great during a 9 week photo-shoot prep. By gaining strength James at least maintained or more likely increased his muscle mass whilst simultaneously losing 6 kilos of fat. Here he shares the lessons he learnt from the process. [separator_small separator_width=’200′ thickness=’1′ up=’20’ down=’20’] Where did 2015 go? I[…]

The 5 Health Foods that are sabotaging your fat loss diet

Let’s get something straight. Because something is ‘healthy’ does not mean it is going to help you lose weight. Some of my clients report that they don’t know what they should remove from their diet to cut their intake back, often because they are wedded to the idea including so many ‘health foods’ in their[…]