Online coaching is a service for motivated individuals who want to gain muscle and lose fat (aka look great naked)

Often people waste an enormous amount of time trying to work things out for themselves, and end up either making no progress at all, or much slower progress than they could have done.

Hiring a coach will fast-track your results and give you clarity about how to transform your body.

Why hire me?

– Evidence-based – All my recommendations on the latest scientific evidence. I am always happy to explain to my clients the reason WHY we are doing something a particular way and point them towards the relevant scientific literature.

– Experience – Knowledge alone is not enough. I have been coaching physique-focussed trainees online, since 2014.

– Proven track record – Click here for my client transformation pictures and testimonials

– Practice what I preach – Published fitness model

What does online coaching actually involve?

Training Plan

–  You will receive a bespoke weight training program that will evolve over time to ensure you progress as fast as possible

– Your progress is measured on a custom-made tracking sheet meaning I can tell you exactly what to adjust if your progress stalls.

Progress Tracking Spreadsheet


– Individually calculated calorie and macronutrient targets will be adjusted as you progress

– Guidance on food choices, meal timing, and supplement recommendations

– You will not receive a meal plan as they are unsustainable. Instead, the focus will be on flexible dieting and learning how to include the foods you love into your diet for sustainable results.

Accountability and Support

– All questions answered fully and honestly

– Weekly check-ins where you will give a quick update on your progress and we can discuss any challenges you are facing.

– Different coaching packages offer different levels of support. Option for fortnightly/monthly phonecalls in gold and platinum packages

Before submitting an application for online coaching, please make sure you agree with all of the following statements.

  1. I know how to lift weights safely and with good form (If you do not, then you will need some in-person training alongside online coaching)
  2. I have no underlying medical condition that would prevent me from being able to engage in strenuous exercise
  3. I am serious about achieving my goals
  4. I do not suffer from an eating disorder
  5. I am are willing to track my food intake (This will be explained to you if you do not know how to do this)

To submit an application click the link below and fill out an application form.